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Being in jail is bad enough – not knowing who to turn to can make the entire situation a nightmare. Ron’s Bonds is a licensed bail bondsman who can help you or your loved one bond out of jail quickly and easily. When you choose us to be your bail bondsman we promise you professional service, fast bond payments, and a level of help and understanding not available from our competition.

We proudly serve the Lexington, NC area, and all one hundred North Carolina counties, with licensed bail bondsman services for bonds from $500 to $3 million. The bonding process can be daunting and we don’t expect you to be a pro at it. We will patiently explain it and walk you through the process to make sure you understand it and the promises you are making

In order for you to understand the process, you need to understand the different types of bonds:

• Surety Bond – A surety bond is essentially a sum of money that the court has ordered you to pay in order to be released from jail while your trial is pending. As long as you appear at all of your court dates, the surety bond money will be returned when the case is closed or finished. If you fail to appear, the surety money is forfeited to the court.

• Personal Recognizance Bond – This is a very simple bond in which you promise the court that you will return for all required court appearances. There is no need to pay a bond, since you are released on your promise to return.

Don’t sit in jail waiting for your next court date when you can bond out. Call Ron’s Bonds immediately and we will have you out today.

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