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Getting arrested usually means that your troubles have just begun. If you and your family are unable to meet your bond, the stress can be unbelievable. Unless you pay bail, you will be in jail until your trail date, which means you can’t work and can’t support yourself or your family. Worse, yet, the longer you are in jail, the less able you are to pay your bond or bail. Whatever your reason for being in jail, Ron’s Bonds can help you post bond, get an attorney, and privately investigate the particular details of your situation

Ron’s Bonds is a licensed bail bonds firm that offers bail bonds and private investigator services to the Lexington, NC area, and all North Carolina counties. Our live agents are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are available to you for consultations and advice. Our affordable bonds start at $500, go up to $3 million, and are available quite quickly once you have qualified. Get the most in value and service from your bail bondsman. Get Ron’s Bond.

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